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  • Jun 2024
    First time bought the Honda vehicle, we think it’s a nice car and better than what we expected. Satisfied with the space, fuel and safety.
    —Zhongguo L - 2014 Honda Vezel Hybrid Z
  • Jun 2024
    I can say it's smooth running, easy to maneuver. Good for families with kids, lots of room inside ((back sear).
    —Soala B - 2014 Honda Vezel Hybrid
  • Jun 2024
    Super fuel efficient. Lovely interior . Surprisingly powerful . Spacious . Good performance.
    —Cleo D - 2014 Honda Vezel Hybrid
  • Jun 2024
    Safety features 👌
    —Anna T - 2014 Honda VEZEL HYBRID Z
  • Apr 2024
    Reliable vehicle
    —Carolina C - 2014 Honda Vezel Hybrid
  • Apr 2024
    Love my little Honda Vezel. Excellent on gas. Transitioning between electric and petrol can feel a slight lag/tugging but overall really great car. Excellent on long drives and great on petrol saver for shorter trips around town.
    —CHEROKEE B - 2014 Honda Vezel HR-V 1.5L Hybrid
  • Apr 2024
    I travel on long trips regular so I needed an vehicle that was able to manage the road conditions and cheaper on petrol (hybrid). Because I also like Honda as a vehicle, as I find maintenance to run a Honda cost effective when needing repairs (affordability).
    —MARGARET T - 2014 Honda Vezel HRV Hybrid Z ** LEATHER - CRUISE **
  • Mar 2024
    The vehicle is good for leg room and space, but the boot space is a little smaller than expected to compensate for the leg room
    —Fabienne W - 2014 Honda Vezel Hybrid
  • Mar 2024
    Fuel saver..
    —Adelfo D - 2014 Honda VEZEL HYBRID
  • Mar 2024
    Honda Vezel is a very spacious car and good in fuel consumption. I will recommend this car if anyone wants to purchase this car.
    —Charlie X - 2014 Honda Vezel Hybrid Low Kms !
  • Mar 2024
    Very spacious car very good for family vehicle,fuel efficient and very good in long distance trip.
    —Junson S - 2014 Honda Vezel Hybrid
  • Mar 2024
    Very fuel efficient. Spacious
    —Keinn C - 2014 Honda VEZEL HYBRID
  • Jan 2024
    I am very happy with my purchase. Very economical vehicle and very spacious.
    —Marifil P - 2014 Honda Vezel Hybrid Z
  • Jan 2024
    Enjoyable awsome spacious
    —Maia T - 2014 Honda VEZEL
  • Jan 2024
    World class interior and design
    —Rijo J - 2014 Honda VEZEL HYBRID Z
  • Jan 2024
    It is fuel efficient and has good amount of space in the boot
    —Michael B - 2014 Honda Vezel HR-V Hybrid X
  • Jan 2024
    Good and reliable with great fuel consumption so far.
    —Joel R - 2014 Honda Vezel 1.5 Z Hybrid
  • Dec 2023
    It is very fuel efficient and a smooth ride.
    —Alex B - 2014 Honda Vezel
  • Nov 2023
    The Vezel is a pleasure to drive and is very comfortable. Most appealing apparence wise.
    —Lawrence F - 2014 Honda VEZEL HYBRID X
  • Nov 2023
    Showing quite good economy at this stage. Amazing amount of storage. A little sluggish on hill starts. Overall , happy with my purchase.
    —BRUCE M - 2014 Honda Vezel Hybrid
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