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Established in 1999, Sterling Japan is a limited liability company with assets and holdings overseas. As an entity that specializes in the automobile trade, the company has developed a reputation of been a reliable supplier of reconditioned Japanese and European motor vehicles for the best price. The concept of "best price" is not a connotation for the cheapest vehicles; the company emphasizes on procuring second hand vehicles after a stringent quality check, ensuring that each vehicle is of the highest standard that is desired by the end customer. Sterling Japan assures the best price for a specific quality standard that a vehicle should possess, eventually ensuring good value for money. Sterling Japan is renowned for supplying the highest quality of reconditioned vehicles to Sri Lanka, Australia, Mauritius Islands, United Kingdom, Africa, New Zealand and many other countries. It has sold more than 35,000 reconditioned vehicles per year.

Sterling Japan NZ Ltd set foot on New Zealand soil on April 2021, Under the trading name of Sterling Cars with a foundation branch in Auckland. Sterling cars NZ quickly expanded its services through 3 branches including a branch in Christchurch within a short span of a year. Having sold over 1000 vehicles within the first year, Sterling cars NZ also maintains a stock of approximately 600 vehicles.

Sterling is committed to provide quality service and has made its name for its quality for over two decades. Hence, we believe in transparency and we always make sure we provide authentic documentation to our customers. Sterling Japan NZ Ltd provides the genuine auction sheet with all the vehicles sold to customers to make sure that the customers are well aware what they purchase from us. Sterling Japan Co only purchases vehicles rated over 3.5 at auctions to maintain quality of service and standards.

Sterling has Proven trust and reliability with our expansion to over 6 countries since 1999. Our aim is to give the best service and a hassle-free experience to the customer with all these benefits. Sterling Cars assures the best price for a specific quality standard that a vehicle should possess which ensures good value for money and a wide range of vehicles to our customers. From European to Japanese vehicles.