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  • Apr 2024
    Reliable, fuel saver and comfortable
    —Akim M - 2014 Nissan Note
  • Apr 2024
    Easy to drive.
    —Valerie C - 2014 Nissan Note LOW KMS
  • Apr 2024
    Great economical car
    —Tony B - 2014 Nissan Note X DIG-S Emergency Brake Pkg
  • Mar 2024
    Surprisingly spacious, very good on gas and for a little car goes very well on open road. I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase and would 100% recommend the car.
    —Lauane D - 2014 Nissan Note
  • Mar 2024
    Nice little car. The best feature for me is the 5 star safety rating as I bought this car for my teenager.
    —Sonette K - 2014 Nissan Note X DIG
  • Feb 2024
    Easy to park, Easy to drive on busy days Less petrol, very comfortable First time for me to own a smaller car and I'm happy and greatful 👍
    —Martha F - 2014 Nissan Note
  • Feb 2024
    Nice car, good on gas.
    —KIRSTY C - 2014 Nissan Note
  • Feb 2024
    Very reliable little car!
    —Jhon M - 2014 Nissan NOTE X EMERGENCY BRAKE PKG
  • Jan 2024
    Excellent and spacious vehicle with lot of savings of fuel.
    —Sushil C - 2014 Nissan Note
  • Jan 2024
    The car is rather spacious on the inside even though it looks like a small car, there is plenty of room for my husband's wheelchair and for him to get in and out. I upgraded my stereo and it was worth the money and has made my life easier. Its not the fastest car but I don't mind its economical, safe, and secure.
    —Maraea M - 2014 Nissan Note
  • Dec 2023
    I really love Nissan Note. From the features, as to its safety, it is very spacious and very fuel efficient . I would recommend this car to others especially if you want to use it everyday going to work.
    —Lorien J - 2014 Nissan Note Medalist Emergency Brake
  • Nov 2023
    I had previously purchased a 2005 Note and having clocked up over 100,000 kms I knew that another one is what I needed
    —PETER A - 2014 Nissan Note
  • Nov 2023
    I have previously had a Nissan Note which was an excellent car, very practical, reliable and cheap to run.
    —Jacqueline G - 2014 Nissan Note MEDALIST EMA-JENSI- BRAKE PACK
  • Nov 2023
    An excellent car very roomy plenty of leg room in the back and a good size boot. Very economical. I am very pleased with it .
    —Marilyn T - 2014 Nissan Note Medalist
  • Nov 2023
    Smooth to drive and fuel efficient. Heaps of room for just little car. I feel very comfortable and safe when driving. I love all the features. I am very happy with my new car.
    —Joebel A - 2014 Nissan Note Medalist
  • Oct 2023
    Really good for someone who is wanting to downsize from a larger SUV. Especially with kids. Spacious for a small car and love all the additional features - reverse camera, Bluetooth radio, sensors. Not the quickest acceleration, however I wasn't really looking for that.
    —ELIZABETH H - 2014 Nissan Note
  • Oct 2023
    Great little economical car
    —Monika S - 2014 Nissan Note
  • Oct 2023
    The Note medalion is a comfortable, easy to drive economical small car with good safety features.
    —Joseph H - 2014 Nissan Note
  • Sep 2023
    The car is easy to manage and we love the 360 degree camera, also fuel saving
    —Sau C - 2014 Nissan Note
  • Aug 2023
    Spacious car and good engine sound
    —Jan B - 2014 Nissan Note X
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