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  • Mar 2024
    In my last 7 years since we migrated to NZ, this is out third Nissan Serena, we owned a 2006 model (top spec, with all the bells and whistles such as body kit, roof mounted dual DVD screens for playing movies and other things such as Bluetooth, cruise control, etc) we sold that car after COVID and got a 2012 model with similar specs, used that for another 3 yrs and sold and bought a 2015 model. My parents live with me and my kids love to watch movies when we take long road trips, the newer Gen Serena had all the features we were already used to and spoilt with, while in addition delivering better mileage as it has a S-hybrid system. It’s a fantastic 8 seater and I am sure I will be upgrading to a later model Serena when this one needs to be replaced in a few years (I generally keep a car for 2-3 yrs max)
    —VIGNESH N - 2015 Nissan Serena Highway Star Hybrid V Selection
  • Mar 2024
    Very nice car. So spacious.
    —GIRIRAY ENTERPRISES LIMITED - 2015 Nissan Serena Highway star V-Selection+safety S-Hybrid
  • Jan 2024
    Great car, lots of storage space and versatile sitting. Not super powerful, but we didn't buy its speed. Though it has more than enough power for Auckland's motorways and roads.
    —TE RORI A MUA TRUST - 2015 Nissan Serena
  • Nov 2023
    Suitable for a family traveling with children and a lot of luggage
    —Shai K - 2015 Nissan Serena Hybrid
  • Sep 2023
    The 2015 Nissan Serena is good for family vehicle .
    —Erika B - 2015 Nissan Serena 7 seats highwat star Hybrid dual sliding doors
  • Aug 2023
    Car is great for my big family, has all essentials that kids need to be comfortable on long road trips and really happy
    —Anaru P - 2015 Nissan Serena HIGHWAY STAR V SELECTION
  • Nov 2022
    if you are looking for a car with lots of space, the Nissan is the right choice.
    —Bjorn V - 2015 Nissan Serena 20X Hybrid
  • Jul 2022
    Ideal family or trade van
    —GRAHAM R - 2015 Nissan SERENA S Hybird/Highway Star V-Selection+Safety Advanced PKG
  • Dec 2021
    Very versatile. Approx 730km per tank
    —Luke A - 2015 Nissan Serena 20X S HYBRID
  • Dec 2021
    It's very spacious and nice to drive.
    —Bonny T - 2015 Nissan Serena S-HYBRID FACELIFT REVERSE CAMERA
  • Aug 2021
    —Erwil A - 2015 Nissan Serena 8 SEATER
  • Jun 2021
    The fuel economy doesn't seem to be as good as advertised. It uses only slightly less than the older, non-hybrid version of the car we owned before. That is a bit disappointing.
    —Marlen D - 2015 Nissan Serena 20X S-Hybrid Facelift
  • Apr 2021
    excellent choice for people with more than 2 kids. the shiftable seat option is a very convenient feature. the dual (both sides) auto doors is a great feature as well > note, doesn't come in all models.
    —Ashwat K - 2015 Nissan Serena
  • Mar 2021
    Comfortable interior, feels spacious and not crowded
    —Craig D - 2015 Nissan Serena 20X S-Hybrid 'Facelift'
  • Jan 2021
    Very good van. It's a 2000cc? Uses less petrol than my 1500cc cube. Very appreciative of the added extras like, being able to shift the middle seat from the front to the back, pull up sun screens and reversing camera.
    —Aleesha R - 2015 Nissan Serena
  • Dec 2020
    Nissan Serena is aver reliable van. Will use it for hilidays and camping.
    —Julius R - 2015 Nissan Serena
  • Jul 2020
    It is spacious
    —Sheron D - 2015 Nissan SERENA 20X S-HYBRID